How to CASH OUT Crypto and swap between cryptocurrencies!

Hello, CoinCrackers!

I've been searching very long for a working global Crypto card so I can easily cash out my cryptocurrency on ATMs, pay online, but also swap between cryptocurrencies in seconds.

Bitcoin and Ethereum fees are sometimes too big so I like to swap to Litecoin so I can transfer it fast.

The Choice (ex-Crypterium) card worked really well for me so far. It is now called CHOICE. I found some complaining online about fees (guys that bought their token and waited for it to go sky high mostly). They have some minimum withdrawals on some cryptos and stuff but most importantly it WORKS.

It comes with an app that works both with Android and iOS mobile phones. Swap between cryptocurrencies is instant because they have their own liquidity. You easily set up your PIN and online spending password.

I got my card in 5 days (from Ukraine), considering COVID problems that were super fast, and was a bit surprised.

You can order your card and test it for yourself, I am not advertising it but it helped me a lot having the ability to cash out crypto whenever I need it. I don't like banks and mediums, so I use Payoneer, Transferwise, and other services.

It's available worldwide so you can use it in any country.

And it's a VISA card so you don't have restrictions like with MasterCard, you can fund your Skrill account, use it for betting (if you are a sports bettor like me :) ) and for everything else.

You are also able to log in from their website, not just the app.

Crypterium is adding new cool features every day like crypto predictions and stuff (stay away from the CRPT token, it's not worth much no matter how much they push it).

There is also a referral program, you can use my referral link as we both seem to get some free cash and bonuses, but don't have to. Like I said this is no ad I just wanted to share stuff I found useful for me and help my CoinCrackers as this is my main business - not promoting other stuff.

It worked really well for me and I hope you find this article useful as I'll be sharing more good stuff.

Thank you for being part of CoinCrack and wish you all the best!

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